Dear Lookn4,

I have heard some say that Reformed Theology versus Arminian Theology is a legitimate on-going debate within the Church. I have also heard some say that both of these systems of belief fall within the pale of orthodoxy. If we look carefully and with much prayer at these two systems it will become clear that they are diametrically opposed to each other. The one stating that all facets of Salvation from the alpha to the omega are of the Lord and for His Glory. The other stating that Salvation is a joint venture and unless man can do his part God is powerless to save. Now, knowing that God has a clear intent to have His Word understood in a certain way then the law of non-contradiction must be applied. Both systems could be wrong but only ONE can be right. Logic would dictate that someone in this debate has bought into a system of heresy. When I look at Church history and those men that God raised up to accomplish great things in His name, I am struck by the disproportionate number of those who believed and taught the Doctrines of Grace. It's no coincidence, but clearly the hand of God making certain His Truth prevails in His people through the ages. Praise God for His Providence throughout history. We are told to flee the appearance of evil and to believe that man contributes anything to Salvation is the appearance of evil. Jon