As many of you know, I was very fond of the teaching of RC Sproul.
Often when I am discussion a topic, I have included an article by men such as RC Sproul.

Recently, when duscussing predestination I gave an article by RC Sproul on predestination and he said in the article that Luther actually wrote more on predestination than Calvin did.
That was challenged by someone by saying that they had a lot of respect for Dr. Sproul; however he was wrong on this. Saying Luther even in his book 'Bondage of the Will' never talked about predestination. Emphasizing that Luther believed we should not speculate on subjects like predestination.

My question to the forum, is for anyone who knows anything about Luther.
Is RC Sproul correct? I do not know a lot about Luther, but until this challenge, I never even thought to question Sproul on this matter.