Thanks, it might be something I may be interested in reading.
I found your opening sentence interesting, because men like RC Sproul said the very opposite, that Luther actually wrote more about predestination than Calvin did.
Perhaps that is not all that surprising, because Luther is not the only one that is interpreted differently.
For example Jonathan Edwards, on few subjects has even Calvinist disagreeing on what he meant. I talked to one Reformed pastor about Edwards in the hope to clear the matter up. He told me that to be honest he was not a big fan of Edwards for that very reason. He would rather read clearer people for that very reason.
I am of course, talking about the controversy John Piper started years ago with "Christian Hedonism" and his claiming Edwards basically taught the same thing. But I digress, I don't want to open that can of worms.

If you are interested in reading one article found on 'Double Predestination' by Sproul in which he quotes Luther, you can at the following link.

Just to let you know, I have read sections of Luther's 'Bondage of the Will'. As you know Bondage of the Will was written as a reply to Erasmus on the subject of predestination. The way I understood it he seemed very much to agree with Augustine on the subject. But others who have read the same sections disagree entirely.


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