The Election in Canada
As most probably know already, the Federal election in Canada is October 21st.
As a Christian I definitely would not vote for a left leaning party. Right off this bat means I will not be voting Liberal, NDP or the Green Party. That leaves either the Conservative Party, or the Peopleís Party of Canada.
Unfortunately, neither of them will stand up for many of the issues that should be important to Christians. In Canada for example, for a party to make an issue against the LBGQT rights, or against abortion, is to concede the election. (I think both leaders say they personally hold conservative beliefs on the subjects, but they will not be opening these topics up as a party platform.)
I think the Peopleís Party is probably the more conservative of the two parties on the right. However, as many believe, in a close election like this with Conservatives and Liberals running neck and neck in the polls, voting the Peopleís Party, is splitting the rightís vote.
I can tell you that part of me wants to vote for the Peopleís Party, but I think in such a close election, where I do not want the Liberals to get re-elected, I think I need to vote for the Conservative party, regardless of the fact I donít have very much confidence in their leader.

Any thoughts on this matter, before I cast my vote would be appreciated.