I had a quick search on the Highway to find out if this has been discussed before. I was surprised to find "No Matches".

I know several (supposed) Christians, who are strangely drawn to Christian relics. One in particular is so enamored with them, he has personally taken holidays to various destinations, usually in Britain and Europe, to see these relics. He is completely convinced that they are the real thing. For example, I believe his latest was to see the "Spear of Destiny" , which according to legend is the spear that was thrust in Jesus side after His death. According to him he has done a lot of home work and he believes there is proof that the legends about this spear are true. For example, he claims that every time an army carried this spear into battle they won.
This is of course just one example the told me about these relics.
I had thought that these relics were just held in high esteem in Roman Catholic circles; but apparently not.
To top it off, at a local college in the city I live he teaches from time to time on relics and other things such as the Scythian Empire, which he is very fascinated with. On the later, he says he has traveled to see noted historians about them and they agreed with his conclusions, that are glossed over in some history books.

Personally speaking, I believe these things should not be considered true by any Christian and I also think that there is a dangerous superstitious part to these things as well.

I would however, like to find out more about the reasons why we should steer clear of these superstitious relics. Assuming my thoughts are correct on these things, either from Scripture directly or good articles.

I have found out one thing about this particular person. He gets upset, when he thinks you are even a bit discerning about his claims.
He used to tell me a lot about things like this, but he has fairly recently stopped; which is probably just as well.