You are not incorrect. Dispies conflate "Premillennialism" (Historic - aka:Chiliasm) with "Dispensationalism". William Masslink's article, which you can find here: The History of Chiliasm, will help you understand the difference and thus why it is wrong at best and worst, perhaps even deliberately deceptive, to claim ancient origins for Dispensationism.

Ligon Duncan sums it up like this:

The dispensational system of theology, if we are honest, is actually a Nineteenth Century phenomenon. Now I donít want to get into an argument about these things. I know many good dispensationalists like to trace elements of dispensational teaching and belief way back into the history of the church. But as a historical theologian, and that is what I am by profession, I can pretty confidentially tell you that the system of dispensational theology is a Nineteenth Century phenomenon in the history of the church. It is particularly associated with John Nelson Darby and the Plymouth Brethren movement in Britain in the Nineteenth Century, and in America, with the name C.I. Scoffield; Cyrus Ingersoll Scoffield.(taken from his article here: Dispensationlism - A Reformed Evaluation)

Another good article on this subject is A.W. Pink's A Study of Dispensationalism.

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