Tom, I think I should have said of MacArthur's message is that in this modern day " church " he displays an adequate understanding of regeneration and that it is necessary to true conversion. I do not agree 100 % with everything he said, especially " the new birth and conversion are instantaneous not a process lasting months or years ". Pilgrim, the 3 articles you posted links for are excellent! The new birth and conversion experience varies. Experimental conversion in true believers may take years as in my own case ( legal terrors and the such, very similar to John Bunyan ) down to a short time and could be instantaneous. Real conversion is not a cookie cutter experience. What is displayed in the 3 articles you posted Pilgrim, is to me a correct explanation of the true workings of grace upon a soul by the sovereign God. Messages like these articles should be preached in churches today. MacArthur gets close on the workings of soteriology and in this day of rampant false conversions this is at least a breath of fresh air. Pink's view on the new birth is comparable to the older writings. He is very experimental, especially as he got older and had a better handle on the truth. What can we say about Owen, Alexander and Edward's in Alexander's writing? Very Good Indeed. I have Joel Beeke's A Puritan Theology and he does a great job compiling various puritan's thoughts on theological and doctrinal matters including regeneration. One more thing Tom, I am Reformed Baptist and there are things I am not on the same page as MacArthur, for instance Eschatology. I try to glean the good from modern day men like Macarthur, Beeke and others who are basically straight on soteriology. It's great to be a part of this wonderful website to learn from my fellow believers and the archives of sound theological material. Many like the newer websites, I don't. I like the old paths and a highway that's been trodden on for many years by true believers.