I am very fond of 'The Highway', in fact I cut my Calvinist teeth here. I can tell you when those teeth were coming in, they really hurt. If you get my meaning. wink

The site that I gave you https://www.1689federalism.com/, like myself also adheres to the 1689 LBCF and much like The Highway, is a gold mine. They have done their homework, with reading the writings of the people responsible for drafting the 1689 LBCF. One name that really stands out, is Nehemiah Coxe, who very likely was responsible for the editing of the 1689 LBCF. You said that you are in the process of learning more. Besides the Highway, you can't go wrong with learning more concerning the 1689 LBCF from that site I told you about. I have finished reading 'The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology' by Pascal Denault and started reading 'Covenant Theology-From Adam to Christ' by Nehemiah Coxe and John Owen. You can find out about these books at the site I provided a link to.

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