This month's article is the final installment of J.C. Ryle's Warning to the Churches. Ryle's focus is based upon the text found in 1Corinthians 10:14. Here is his introduction which methinks speaks for itself and needs no further comment from me other than to say that it is most fitting to end the book with this subject and it is more than relevant to the present hour, especially in regard to the visible church.

Our text for today may seem at first to be hardly needed in our country. In an age of education and intelligence, we might almost fancy it is waste of time to tell us to “flee from idolatry.”

I am bold to say that this is a great mistake. I believe that we have come to a time when the subject of idolatry demands a thorough and searching investigation. I believe that idolatry is near us, all around us, and in the midst of us, to a very fearful extent. The second commandment, in one word, is in danger. “The plague is begun.”

Without further preface, I propose to consider the following four points:

The definition of idolatry. WHAT IS IT?
The cause of idolatry. WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?
The form idolatry assumes in the visible Church of Christ. WHERE IS IT
The ultimate termination of idolatry. WHAT WILL END IT?

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