The salvation of our children is priceless; their spiritual needs far outweigh their physical needs. They need our prayers—our earnest prayers with hearts aflame, both for their initial repentance and coming to Christ by faith, and for their life of ongoing growth in faith. Matthew Henry rightly declared that it is of far more value for parents who die to leave behind a treasury of prayers for their children than it is to leave behind a treasury of silver and gold.

For most parents, whether Christians or not, children are very important and loved. But Christian parents are especially privileged because the are given the responsibility to offer prayer for their children, and if it is God's will (1Jh 5:14) those prayers will be fulfilled. And what is the most desirous and essential prayer a parent could make? Well, it is that the LORD God will call our children by His efficacious grace to salvation in Christ. Dr. Beeke expounds on this biblical truth in this short article in which he not only encourages Christian parents to pray for their children's salvation but he also exposes the pernicious error which appears to be increasing among many Christian groups called "presumptive regeneration".

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