Richard Bennett, the world-known ex-Catholic priest has graced us with another article which exposes the damnable errors of the Roman Catholic Church. This time, he exposes the paganism of the current pope, Pope Francis. As you might have guessed, Pope Francis is very sympathetic and supportive of the man-made fabricated "Global Warming/Climate Change" movement. I have no doubts that one of the reasons that this pope has joined in with this totally false movement is to make the Roman Catholic church appear to be "modern" and thus attract people to its declining membership. I guess one could regard this effort as a prime example of worldly evangelism. crazy

As is typical of Mr. Bennett, he substantiates his accusations with the Roman Catholic church's own documentation and then shines the light of Scripture upon it. I am sure you will enjoy what he has written for us this time as has been the case for myself of all his past articles. BigThumbUp

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