Predestination..... Election these biblical doctrines have been the subject of myriad debates throughout history. They are rarely denied or dismissed but rather what the Bible teaches about them is where the disagreement rests. One way to approach this problem is by looking at the doctrines from a practical point as the title of this month's Article of the Month asks, "DOES IT REALLY MATTER? HOW DOES IT MATTER?". Many would say that the doctrine of Unconditional Election is one of those "non-essentials", i.e., if the doctrine never existed or at least never mentioned from the pulpit or in normal conversation, nothing would be negatively affected. For many, they believe that life would be better off if the doctrine was ruled to be off limits because it is divisive and only brings discord among the brethren. But, is any truth to any of these type of ideas? Kenneth Johns believes that the opposite is true. The doctrine of Unconditional Election is both essential and wonderfully beneficial. And this is what this month's article is about. What difference does Unconditional Election make, both in the bringing forth the Gospel and in the lives who profess to believe.

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