John Willison (1680-1756) is the author of this month's Article of the Month, "Directions to the People of God When the Lord is Pleased to Recover Them From Sickness and Distress". Mr. Willison divides this article into 5 Directions which are:

DIRECTION 1. It is very proper, both under sickness and after it, to examine if the affliction be sanctified to you, and hath come from the love of God.
DIRECTION 2. Make conscience of offering to God the sacrifice of thanksgiving, upon his recovering thee from sickness or any distress.
DIRECTION 3. When the Lord is pleased to grant thee any signal mercy or deliverance from trouble, beware of forgetting the Lordís kindness towards thee.
DIRECTION 4. Inquire after those fruits of righteousness which are the genuine effects of affliction in the children of God, who are duly exercised thereby.
DIRECTION 5. Be careful to perform those resolutions, engagements or vows you have come under in the time of sickness, and walk suitably to them.

I do think and hope you will find the article engaging, challenging and profitable to both your mind and soul. John Willison is one of my favorite Puritans and perhaps he will become one of yours too. grin

His "Five Sacramental Sermons" are marvelous as well and you can find them in The Sermon Library.

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