"The Heart of Worship" is this month's 'Article of the Month' written by Pastor Elly Achok of Gospel Missions Agency Church in Kenya. We extend our appreciation to Elly for allowing us to publish his article on The Highway and thus provide a much wider exposure of the importance of the issue of biblical worship. The article was originally written as a three part series, but for the sake of continuity and general ease of reference, I took the liberty of combining the three parts into one, yet still retaining the individual divisions and sub-categories, which are:


i have often mentioned that in these modern times, one of the greatest mission fields is North America. And here we have an African pastor writing an article that is certainly salient to his native land, but perhaps even more so to the Western part of the world, which in days gone by once understood and practiced true biblical worship. But by God's perfect will and providence, this part of the world has lost its original roots brought to America by the Pilgrims and with great sadness due to God withdrawing His Spirit so that apostasy, idolatry and immorality are what dominates the nation and even many churches. Despite that sad truth, the Lord is raising up faithful servants such as Elly Achot in other parts of the world who have been given the hunger and courage to carry the torch of truth for the furtherance of God's kingdom on earth, to call sinners to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and to sanctify the remnant of God through the preaching and teaching of the Word. Worship is the natural expression of the true child of God which is regulated in all its aspects by God Himself which is found in Scripture.

Enjoy this article, which for me is a breath of fresh air and a beacon of light for God's people.

You can read this month's article here: The Heart of Worship

In His service and grace

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