Here is a question that I read and couldn’t come up with an answer that I was comfortable with.
We see from the story of the woman caught in adultery that Jesus has the power to forgive sins (John 8). If this is true; why then did He need to die to atone for sins?
I looked in a few commentaries concerning John 8:11 and one said Jesus was not forgiving her sins; He was not condemning her for them. Yet in Mathew Henry’s commentary, it seems to state that Jesus forgave her sins. William Hendiksen’s commentary didn’t touch on that aspect.
Never the less there are other passages of Scripture that are clear Jesus did forgive sins, before going to the cross. (Luke 7:48 and other parallel Scriptures.)
One thing I have learned over the years, is that when I get stumped at questions like this. Often when I find out the answer, I wonder why I did not think of it. Maybe this is another one; especially seeing I am a little under the weather.