And now let us come to marriage which is not a thing ordained by men. We know that God is the author of it and that it is solemnized in His name. The Scripture says that it is a holy covenant, and therefore it calls it divine. Now then, if a wife be cross-grained, and cannot find in her heart to bear the yoke, although she does wrong to her husband, yet God is still more outraged. And why? Because it is His will that that bond should be inviolable, and behold a mortal creature who is determined to break it and pluck it asunder! We see then that in so doing she sets herself against the majesty of God. On the other hand, when a man will insist on lording it after his own liking and fancy, despising his wife, or using her cruelly and tyrannically, he shows that he despises God and defies Him openly. For he ought to know for what purpose he was created, what the state of marriage is, and what law God has set in it. What therefore St. Paul calls us to is that in all states we should have regard to God. For so long as our eyes rest on them with whom we have to do, it is certain that we shall always find enough excuses, and too many, to exempt ourselves from all law.

The Article of the Month for this month of February, 2018 is the seventh sermon John Calvin preached on the fifth chapter of Ephesians 5 and the thirty-ninth sermon he preached on the book of Ephesians. John Calvin was an amazing man and especially an incredible servant of God and pastor to those whom he was given responsibility to guard and guide in the faith.

In this sermon Calvin stresses the sanctity of marriage, i.e., the joining of one man to one woman in holy matrimony that henceforth they shall live as one and not be separated except for specific and extreme reasons. This is a very practical sermon on that bond which is formed between husband and wife and how each is to "endure" each other, if I may use that term to describe the not-so-happy situations which can and typically do arise between those who have chosen to live together as one before God. You may even find yourself smiling or even laughing at some of Calvin's descriptions of a not-so-perfect mate; one or both of the parties of that relationship which can be found... perhaps in every relationship from time to time. Briefly put, this is a sermon which is more than relevant to those who are contemplating marriage as much as it is to those who are married. It is strong counsel firmly built upon God's inspired Word which sets forth what He expects from husbands and from wives in marriage. Prepare yourself, therefore, for a straight up ride that gets bumpy at times but which never veers off the path of truth.

You can read this month's article by going here: On Ephesians 5:22-26 by John Calvin.


You can also find this sermon in the "Notable Sermons" section of The Highway under John Calvin's name which you can access directly here: Ephesians 5:22-26 by John Calvin

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