The first problem we have with being adopted into Godís family is that we are born into another family, and we are not up for adoption. As a matter of fact, our father is very much opposed to our adoption and does everything he possibly can to keep us where we were born and see to it that nobody takes us from him.

This month's Article of the Month was penned by one of my most beloved of God's earthly children who now sits in the heavenlies with Christ awaiting for the redemption of his body and the New Heaven and New Earth. Dr. Gerstner delves into the subject of "adoption" starting from the beginning (typically a good place to start, wouldn't you say?) with what family mankind belongs to by birth. And then he progresses through the steps by which a person comes to be adopted by God, given a new name and given a permanent place in the family of God. He hits on a couple of subjects which have been mentioned and discussed here on the board in the past and even recently. Those who have been reading the discussions here should pick up on those subjects. wink

I do hope that you all will enjoy Dr. Gerstner's little exposť as much as I have and still do.

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