Steve Camp vs James White
I am sure many of you have heard about the controversy that was caused by a former friend and frequent guest of James White’s attack against him, Steve Camp.
It was basically about James White and his dialogue with a Muslim Imam in which James White clearly did not compromise the Gospel. Yet if you listen to Steve Camp and others such as a ministry called RAM who have jumped on the band wagon; you would think James White compromised the Gospel. Years ago, I was actually a fan of Steve Camp, but the tone of how he lambastes White, I hardly recognised him as the same person.
Unfortunately, now people whom I thought would agree with James White on this issue, have now stated that Steve Camp and other critics of James White are correct.
I have now watched a video by Steve Camp on the matter and found it shocking. I then watched James White deal with these shocking allegations by Camp and others, and what I noticed fairly clearly is much of the criticism has to do with context. In other words, James White would say something in a certain context and Camp and others would take him out of context to prove their point.
James White has tried to clarify these things quite a few times now, but found it to be a waste of time.
Here is one link to the controversy; for those who are interested.