I remember vividly back when I was in a college class studying the book of Romans how another student said she disagreed with Paul when He wrote (by inspiration of the Holy Spirit), that NO MAN SEEKS AFTER GOD! In fact, she went so far as to say that Paul was wrong... because she insisted that she knew many people who were not Christians who had a strong and genuine interest in knowing God. I fear that in our day there are far more people who profess to be Christians who believe the same or similar things as did this young girl. Truth wasn't absolute and truth was not to be found in the Bible. Truth, in the majority of people is to be found in their experience. Jonathan Edwards was not of this ilk, but contrariwise, He was a true man of God who knew, by the regenerating work of the Spirit, that God is Truth and thus speaks only truth. And that truth has been revealed in written form by the Holy Spirit through holy men of God in the Bible (cf. 2Sam 7:28; Psa 12:6, 19:7, 119:144,151-152; Jh 17:17; Eph; 4:21).

The truth which Jonathan Edwards wrote about in our Article of the Month for March is that ALL MEN, ALL WOMEN, ALL CHILDREN, ALL INFANTS, are born natural enemies of God, which Paul through the Spirit wrote in Romans 5:10 (cf. Eph 2:1-5, et al). His lecture is broken down into nine, easy-to-read sections:

  • In what respects natural men are Godís enemies
  • The degree of menís natural enmity to God.
  • On what account men are enemies to God.
  • The objection, that men are not conscious of this enmity, answered.
  • The objections, that they show respect to God, and experience some religious affections, answered.
  • Restraining grace a great privilege.
  • Why natural men are not willing to come to Christ, and their dreadful condition.
  • God may justly withhold mercy.
  • Practical Improvement.

It is indispensable to know the truth about fallen mankind and most importantly about oneself, which is rarely preached or taught in our day. To speak of man's true fallen nature, i.e., the complete corruption and depravity of the soul and that only sin can proceed out of it is "ecclesiastically incorrect". rolleyes2 But here on The Highway, we do not shy from the truth nor do we shy from openly publishing it for the benefit of those who have come to know God in truth and those who God has ordained will come to the knowledge of the truth (Col 1:9,10).

You can read this month's article by going directly here: Men Naturally Are God's Enemies.

Or, you can always find it along with all past articles by going to The Highway website and clicking on the "Article of the Month" logo on the main page.

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