Francis Schaeffer was an influential Christian philosopher and apologist particularly in the 1970's and 80's. And, he is probably best known for his study center in Switzerland called L'Abri in 1955. His books were widely received and read throughout the world and his two films, "How Should We Then Live?" (1976) and "Whatever Happened to the Human Race?" (1979) are still popular today in many conservative Christian circles. There are several articles written by Schaeffer on The Highway which have been taken from some of his writings which many enjoy reading.

The author of this month's article, Will Graham, having taken an interest in some of Francis Schaeffer's books years earlier decided to list 10 items which were a concern to Schaeffer during his lifetime, many of which have come to pass to one degree or another in our present day. I concur with Schaeffer's concerns when I see these things coming to fruition, both in the world and in the visible church. Perhaps after you read these 10 things, you will be as concerned? grin

You can read this month's Article of the Month here: 10 Concerns Francis Schaeffer Took to the Grave.

Or, you can always find this article and all past Article of the Month articles on The Highway Website and clicking on the "Article of the Month" logo.

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