Spiritual-mindedness, then, is the chief characteristic that distinguishes a believer from all unregenerate people. The 'carnally minded', who are 'in the flesh', are unregenerate. They cannot and do not please God. The 'spiritually minded' are born of God and live to God and shall come to enjoy God for ever. Where any are spiritually minded, there and there only is life and peace... to be spiritually-minded is to have holy, heavenly, spiritual thoughts. The regenerate, spiritual heart, like a refreshing spring, pours out a crystal-clear stream of such thoughts… a person who depends on outward pressures and influences to keep up his spiritual thoughts is not spiritually-minded… [for] the mind may be filled with thoughts of spiritual things, but the heart, being unregenerate, has no love or delight in them.

…Spiritual-mindedness cannot flourish and grow if the heart is immersed in the evil swamps of worldliness. A covetous man will perish alongside the vilest sinner (1 Cor. 6:9-10).

~ John Owen