And We’ll All Join In The Lamb’s Wedding Feast

‘Twas on the cross at calvary
Jesus, He died so willingly,
To consummate redemption’s plan
God’s chosen ones of sinful man.

For God so loved His only Son
He chose Him a Bride, yes for His Son,
Christ came upon the Earth
Yes, through a holy virgin birth.

Christ would come to be a Man
Through God’s holy sovereign plan,
Beneath the Law He came to be
To obey God’s Law so perfectly.

The Triune God, how can it be
That Christ stepped out of eternity,
Substitution, in the elect’s place
Oh God hath shown such love and grace.

‘Twas time for Christ His day to face
To purchase the elect, the cross the place,
He was whipped and beaten so mercilessly
His visage was marred for the crowd to see.

A crown of thorns they jammed on His head
The horror of agony His blood ran red,
With spikes they nailed Him to the tree
Atoning sacrifice for sinners like me.

Propitiation to God, in darkness of wrath
To appease Christ’s Father, the chosen path,
An earthquake didst tear the veil
For the blood of the Lamb, it did avail.

“ It is finished “ ‘twas what Jesus didst say
Redemption’s plan was accomplished that day,
He gave up the Ghost, with bowed head
He breathed His last and Jesus was dead.

But glory to God, Jesus arose like He said
Conquering sin and conquering death,
Repent and believe on Jesus alone
And Jesus righteousness ‘tis your own.

God’s elect, they’re Jesus’ glorious Bride
One day in heaven the saved will abide,
God saved His chosen, the greatest to the least
And we’ll all join in The Lamb’s Wedding Feast.
By, Richard D. Bates