In You Alone I Abide

Hush my troubled soul
Come to Thy throne of grace,
Thou art sovereign, complete control
I draw near Jesus, my hiding Place.

Let my fears depart
Nor wrestle anymore,
Lord Jesus is my part
He’s my open door.

An Anchor behind the veil
Jesus is sure and strong,
Fiery darts seek to assail
There’s peace in Christ all day long.

Sins of past, seek to attack
But Thou art my strong tower,
Jesus supplies all I lack
‘Tis His righteousness every hour.

My Father so loves me
I’m completely sure,
Jesus is my surety
Through Him I can endure.

Though prone to fear
Thy Holy Spirit lives inside,
Oh precious Jesus, lovely and dear
In You alone I abide.

By, Richard D. Bates