And I Will Praise Him For Eternity

Oh God hath saved me, He alone is God
He wrought new birth deep in my heart,
I'm now on this narrow way that I trod
Jesus advocates for me right from the start.

Jesus my Jesus, suffered, bled and died
Crushed for iniquities, God was pleased,
Christ alone, It was Jesus crucified
God's wrath exhausted, God's wrath appeased.

In terrible hate they spat, lashed and beat
No mercy for Jesus, only mocking and pain,
'Twas pierced hands and pierced feet
Jesus suffered all this for my gain.

Cruel thorns pierced His holy head
Jesus' blood ran freely on that day,
Jesus was punished in my stead
His blood washed my guilty sins away.

Chosen by God, before the world began
In love, God predestinated me,
Through Jesus, God saved this sinful man
And I will praise Him for eternity.

By, Richard D. Bates