Christ Is All, In All

Christ is all, In all
All the sufficiency we need,
He answered His Father's call
To redeem the elect indeed.

Christ alone, our hope and glory
The Rock on which we stand,
Jesus fulfilled redemption's story
The covenant, God's eternal plan.

Christ suffered and bled, in our place
Jesus our substitute, by Divine decree
We're forgiven, by God's amazing grace,
Justified from wrath, yes we are free.

We can approach the eternal throne
By adoption we are welcome there,
'Twas Christ's blood that didst atone
Oh how deeply our God cares.

Yes how great our Father's love
To save wretched sinners like we,
Matchless grace and perfect love
Love divine, how can it be?

'Tis Jesus, who came into the world
A second Adam to save us from the fall,
Infinite ocean, our sins were hurled
Christ is all, in all.

By, Richard D. Bates