GENEVA ( - For the first time since the Protestant Reformation, Catholics will celebrate Holy Mass in the cathedral of one of its chief "reformers," John Calvin.
Neither Catholics nor Protestants in Geneva opposed the historic proposal to hold the Eucharistic celebration at the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre (St. Peter), despite an unequivocal statement inviting Protestants to receive Holy Communion at the service.
The Feb. 29 Catholic liturgy is the first in almost 500 years following Calvinists' abolition of the Mass in August 1535, after iconoclasts devastated Saint-Pierre Cathedral by breaking statues and slashing images, which were not in accordance with the new "reformed" cult.
Father Pascal Desthieux, episcopal vicar for the canton of Geneva, will be the main celebrant at the Mass and has issued a joint statement with Protestant pastor Emmanuel Fuchs, announcing, "this Mass will be placed under the double sign of [eucharistic] hospitality and recognition."

This is a sign of the abominable times we are in. The flood gates of falsehood are wide open.