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Opinions Wanted

Posted By: Tom

Opinions Wanted - Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:44 AM

I am not completely sure what to think of the following quote and would like to understand it, so I can at least form an opinion. I need to admit, this quote was on a Reformed board and there were no negative comments. However, the name Rushdoony sends up red flags, regardless of whether or not I understand it or not.

Polytheism (all gods are equal) leads to relativism (all moral codes are equal); relativism leads to humanism (man makes his own laws): and humanism leads to statism (the State best represents mankind as the pinnacle of power). As Rushdoony remarks, “because an absolute law is denied, it means that the only universal law possible is an imperialistic law, a law imposed by force and having no validity other than the coercive imposition.”

Posted By: Pilgrim

Re: Opinions Wanted - Thu Jun 06, 2019 10:01 AM

Try these: QUOTES They are basically saying the same thing as what Rushdonny allegedly wrote but one was written several hundred years before him. grin
Posted By: Tom

Re: Opinions Wanted - Thu Jun 06, 2019 4:23 PM

So I take it that he correctly identified the problem. It is his solution that is the problem.
Posted By: Pilgrim

Re: Opinions Wanted - Thu Jun 06, 2019 5:10 PM

I suppose that some of his "logical end" statements could be true, but I don't see his solution. I am going to assume that he is a Theonomic Reconstructionist, ala Rushdoony, and thus he would hold that only God's law(s) are to be the foundation of all governments and people and thus obeyed without exception by all. That position has never been successfully defended due to erroneous interpretations of their critical biblical passages, e.g., Matt 5:14-17, et al. See this month's "Article of the Month" here for a salient rebuttal: Theonomy and Christian Reconstructionism.

I agree that Scripture and God's moral law along with many of the principles of the civil law are applicable today. But since there is no Theocracy existent on earth, a total embracing of them by all is not going to happen, despite Postmillennialism's false hope of a "Golden Age".
Posted By: Tom

Re: Opinions Wanted - Thu Jun 06, 2019 5:56 PM

I was referring to Rushdoony's Christian Reconstructionism. Which was not in the quote, but why else would they quote Rushdoony?
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