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CH Spurgeon on Charles Finney

Posted By: Tom

CH Spurgeon on Charles Finney - Fri Jul 24, 2020 1:45 AM

I recently became curious about what people like CH Spurgeon and other Calvinists around that time, thought about Charles Finney.

What I found, surprises me a lot. For example, Spurgeon was no fan of Finney’s theology, but he had more good to say about Charles Finney than bad. In fact, it appears he spoke quite highly of Finney to his students, especially in the area of evangelism.
It appears that, Spurgeon’s contemporaries also spoke highly of Charles Finney; while at the same time, not agreeing with his theology.
As I think of this, especially since I have read some of Finney’s theology, I am not surprised that men like Spurgeon did not agree with his theology; but I am fairly shocked they seemed to have more good to say about him, than negative. I have also read articles written on Charles Finney by people like Dr. Michael Horton and I believe RC Sproul, James White, Tom Nettles, as well as Founders Ministries also wrote about Charles Finney. None of them, held back any punches when it came to Charles Finney.
I also thought about how blunt CH Spurgeon could be, especially when it came to heretical doctrines. Why on earth would not Spurgeon, have wrote how heretical Finney was?
I am including one article, concerning CH Spurgeon’s views on Charles Finney. Other articles said some of the same things.

Understand, I know next to nothing about ‘Calvinist Fly Swatter’; but what they say here appears to be accurate. I have yet to read anything, refuting it.
Although I probably would not agree theologically with the Calvinist Fly Swatter, it is not the reason I used them as an example.

Any thoughts about Spurgeon and his Calvinist contemporaries concerning Charles Finney would be appreciated.
Posted By: Pilgrim

Re: CH Spurgeon on Charles Finney - Sun Jul 26, 2020 10:01 AM

Originally Posted by Tom
Why on earth would not Spurgeon, have wrote how heretical Finney was?

Set no man on this earth on a pedestal where he becomes an idol to one degree or another, whether it be John MacArthur, John Piper, Charles Spurgeon nor even John Calvin... nono

Secondly, I read the "Calvinist Fly Swatter" article and as is my habit I also read the comments below it. I'm not convinced that what was written was reliable/accurate given their rather "strange" views. People tend to take things out of context in order to make their point and which agrees with their view(s) or criticism of someone else's view(s).

Spurgeon wasn't infallible nor even close to perfect in his own theology and biblical interpretation, IMO. Take for example Spurgeon's views on the atonement. He seems to have been fairly sound as to its extent (definite/limited), but when you read his interpretation of 1Timothy 2:4, he had at least some universal tendencies which contradicts the oneness of the Trinity, i.e., God the Father truly wants/desires/wishes ALL men to be saved, but the Son only gave Himself for the redemption of the elect and them only according to the Father dizzy.

Lastly, it is my concerted view that Charles Finney was a certified damnable heretic in both his theology and evangelistic methods. FYI, Billy Graham had more than an admiration for Charles Finney and thus adopted Finney's evangelistic methods and much of his theology to himself. And yet the vast majority of professing Christians since Graham's appearance on the American scene considered him one of the most godly men ever and unreservedly gave high praises for his theology and "gospel preaching", and consequently baptized hundreds of thousands of people who falsely professed to be saved. drop

Bottom line on this... It is possible that Spurgeon thought that Finney was a flaming heretic but took some liking to his methods. shrug Of course, it is also possible that what Spurgeon saw in Finney was his zeal when compared to the deadness of many of his contemporaries behind pulpits and those in the mission field. Whatever the truth is on this matter, we don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Spurgeon is far more orthodox than not and as wisdom would dictate, we should read and listen with discernment regardless of who the source is. grin
Posted By: Tom

Re: CH Spurgeon on Charles Finney - Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:18 AM

I am not sure you have noticed this about me. But when I am researching something and I am finding information that is contrary to my thought; the Highway is a source that I keep coming back to and for good reason.
More times than not’The-Highway’ has proven to be a reliable source and this is no acceptiion.

I agree with you about setting people on pedestals. When we do so sooner or later we are going to be terribly disappointed.
You gave me a fair amount to think about. To me what he said to his students about Finney would make sense if he was talking about his zeal for evangelism, not his theology.

The site I provided, and a few others I found probably were able to manipulate that for their own benefit.
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