This Month’s Selection Is:

The Real Evidence about Scripture and Homosexual Practice

by Robert Gagnon





1997 - 1998

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June '98
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December '98
"The Contemporary Church" by Dr. John H. Armstrong
"Discerning God's Will" by Dr. Sinclair Ferguson
"Calvinism: The Once and Future Queen" by Dr. R.C. Sproul
"Why Read the Puritans Today?" by Rev. Don Kistler

"Justification By Faith Alone" by Rev. Joel Beeke
"Paul's Theology of Israel's Future" by Lee Irons
"Sola Fide: Does It Really Matter?" by Dr. John H. Armstrong
"Evangelicals on the Durham Trail" by D. G. Hart
"The Cessation of the Sign Gifts" by Thomas R. Edgar
"The Starving of the Church -V" by James Elliff
"Congregational Singing" by Leonard Payton
"The Non-conformity of Christ..." by David Hall
"A Consuming Fire" by R. Kent Hughes
"Decisional Regeneration" by James E. Adams
"Repentance, Baptism, the Gift of the Holy Spirit" by Ned Stonehouse
"The Assurance of Salvation" by William R. Crews

1999 - 2000

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December '99
January '00
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June '00
July '00
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November '00
December '00
"The Means of Grace: Baptism" by Stephen Wellum
"Creeds and Standards: . . . " by G. H. Hospers
"Liberty of Conscience" by Donald McCleod
"Charles Finney and the Disappearance of Revival" by Clive Taylor
"The Sovereignty of God: Has God Lost Control?" by Philip Hughes
"The Spirit of God in the Old Testament" by B.B. Warfield
"Coram Deo: In Judgment" by Dr. Stephen J. Wellum
"Digression: Origin of the Church's Troubles" by John Calvin
"The Minister's Fainting Fits" by Charles H. Spurgeon
"Attempts to Reverse the Reformation" by Richard Bennett
"Saving Faith" by Arthur W. Pink
"Authority: The Church and the Bible" by Dr. Edmund P. Clowney
"Cases of Conscience" by S. Pike
"The Moral Law: A Rule of Obedience" by Samuel Bolton
"Charles Finney: How Theology Affects . . . Revival" by Iain Murray
"The Challenge of  the Ages" by Frederick Alfred Aston
"The Problem with the Eldership . . . " by Iain Murray
"May We Pray the Imprecatory Psalms?" by James E. Adams
"A Discourse of Self Examination" by Stephen Charnock
"Calvin as a Controversialist" by Cornelius Van Til
"The Fear of God" by J. Gresham Machen
"A Discourse of Afflictions" by Stephen Charnock
"Faith and Justification" by William Webster
"Worship Wars: . . ." by Maureen Bradley

2001 - 2002

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December '01
January '02
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July '02
August '02
September '02
October '02
November '02
December '02
"Three Freedoms in Christ" by Martin L. Dawson
"An Introduction to the Puritans" by Edward Hindson
"Perversions of the Gospel" by Louis Berkhof
"Dispensationalism and the Bible" by Jon Zens
"Jonathan Edwards on the Covenant of Grace" by Carl Bogue
"The Certainty of Prayer's Answer" by Herman Hanko
"The Alignment of New Evangelicals with Apostasy" by Richard M. Bennett
"God and Time" by D. Martyn Lloyd Jones
"On Knowing God" by James Montgomery Boice
"The Abolition of Truth and Morality" by Francis A. Schaeffer
"Katherine von Bora: wife of Luther" by J. H. Alexander
"The Terror of the Lord" by John Gerstner
"Situation Ethics" by John Gerstner
"Thoughts on Religious Experience" by Archibald Alexander
"The Knowledge of God" by A.W. Pink
"The Greatest Performances. . . in Vain without Charity" by Jonathan Edwards
"Calvin and Toleration" by Paul Woolley
"The Necessity of Progress" by John Angell James
"John Calvin's Position" by Paul Helm
"Predestination" by A.A. Hodge
"The Moral Law and its Relationship to Believers" by Ernest Kevan
"Unity, Diversity and Division" by R.B. Kuiper
"The Double Predestination to Holiness and Sin" by W.G.T. Shedd
"Jehovah God" author Unknown

2003 - 2004

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December '03
January '04
Februrary '04
March '04
April '04
May '04
June '04
July '04
August '04
September '04
October '04
November '04
December '04
"The Almost Christian" by George Whitefield
"The Failure of Emotional Religion" by Norman H. Street
"God Seeking Worshippers" by Horatius Bonar
"The Solitariness of God" by A.W. Pink
"What is a Family" by Edith Schaeffer
"The Everlasting Covenant" by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
"Satan on the Mount of Transfiguration" by Klaas Schilder
"Flesh and Spirit" by F.F. Bruce
"The Danger of Becoming Battle-Weary" by Maurice Roberts
"The Privileges of the True Christian" by Bishop J.C. Ryle
"Concerning the Nature and Extent of Christian Devotion" by Robert Law
"Our Lord's Conversation with the Woman of Samaria: by John Brown
"The Beauty of Matthew's Gospel" by William Hendriksen
"The Reformed View of Education" by Cornelius Van Til
"The Third Commandment" by A.W. Pink
"Are Restoration Prophesies Being Fulfilled Today?" by William Hendriksen
"Inward Impressions" by A.W. Pink
"The Doctrine of Mortification" by A.W. Pink
"Annihilationism" by Benjamin B. Warfield
"Justification from Eternity" by G.C. Berkhouwer
"Worldliness is not Happiness" by William Law
"Divine Origin and Unique Character of the Holy Scriptures by Gerrit Hospers
"Arminianism" by Samuel Willard
"Marjorie Bowes: Wife of Knox" by J.H. Alexander

2005 - 2006

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December '05
January '06
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March '06
April '06
May '06
June '06
July '06
August '06
September '06
October '06
November '06
December '06
"Unconditional Election" by Gordon Girod
"A Priest Asks for God's Grace" by Charles Berry
"Of Justifying Faith" by Thomas Goodwin
"Of Election to Everlasting Life" by Thomas Boston
"The Morality of Everlasting Punishment" by Mark R. Talbot
"I Can't Repent" by Ichabod S. Spencer
"What is Christian Union?" by Robert Dabney
"God So Loved the World" by Homer C. Hoeksema
"Does God Suffer?" by Frederick S. Leahy
"The Exodus and the People of God" by James T. Dennison, Jr.
"The Only Way" by Martyn Lloyd-Jones
"The Resurrection of Christ" by Augustus Toplady
"Alarm to Sinners" by Thomas Watson
"The Reflections of a Puritan Theologian on Regeneration and Conversion" by Michael A. G. Haykin
"New Birth" by Sinclair Ferguson
"Sola Ecclesia: The Lost Reformation Doctrine" by Michael J. Glodo
"Perspectives on Predestination" by Barry Hofstetter
"The Sabbath of the State" by Robert L. Dabney
"Induction and Deduction in Relation to Inspiration" by Roger Nicole
"Strife, Victory and Reward" by Wulfert Floor
"The Rapture" by Everett I. Carver
"Christian Patience" by Abraham Kuyper
"Calvin's Doctrine of Scripture" by John Murray
"Two Covenants of God" by S.G. De Graaf

2007 - 2008

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January '08
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October '08
November '08
December '08
"The Love of God to Us" by Arthur W. Pink
"Alarm to Sinners: Or the Last and Great Change" by Thomas Watson
"Daily Early Prayer" by William Law
"Standing Before God" by Augustus Toplady
"Prayer" by Philip Bennett Power
"What is Meant by Israel?" by William Hendriksen
"Constraining Love" by Gresham Machen
"Faith and the Gospel" by Gresham Machen
"Few Saved" by J.C. Ryle
"Unsearchable Riches" by Martyn Lloyd-Jones
"Prayer" by J.C. Ryle
"Heart Work" by A.W. Pink
"The Preaching and the Practice of Truth" by Francis Schaeffer
"The Good Elements in False Religions" by Johannes G. Vos
"The Soul in the Depths of Sin" by John Owen
"Hugh Latimer: Apostle of England" by Dr. George M. Ella
"The Checkered State of the Gospel Church" by Samuel Willard
"The Duty of Searching the Scriptures" by George Whitefield
"The Christian's Refreshing" by Maurice Roberts
"In the Matter of Baal Peor" by Rev. Marinus Schipper
"A Testimony to Free and Sovereign Grace" by C.H. Spurgeon
"The Ruler of the Waves" by J.C. Ryle
"The Active Obedience of Christ" by Loraine Boettner
"Preaching the Law of God" by Walter Chantry

2009 - 2010

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October '09
November '09
December '09
January 2010
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March 2010
April 2010
May 2010
June 2010
July 2010
August 2010
September 2010
October 2010
November 2010
December 2010
"Experimental Salvation" by Arthur W. Pink
"God's Plan Declared" by Rev. Charles Krahe
"Confessing Christ" by Cornelius Van Til
"Degrees of Sin" by Thomas Watson
"Total Depravity" by Robert L. Dabney
"Puritan Evangelism" by J.I. Packer
"What Must We Think of When We Meditate on God?", by John Owen
"Scripture, Inspiration, and Incarnation" by Douglas Vickers
"Experiential Religion" by John Owen
"The Merger of Calvinism with Worldliness" by Dr. Peter Masters
"No Ordinary Death: Jesus Christ the Propitiation for Our Sins" by Kim Riddlebarger
"The 'Dual Reference' View of the Atonement Refuted" by John Kennedy
"The Doctrine of Imputed Righteousness Defended" by William Romaine
"The Christian Use of Visual Art in Worship Today" by Terry Johnson
"Pressing into the Kingdom" by Jonathan Edwards
"Family Duty" by John Bunyan
"Jacob and Esau" by C.H. Spurgeon
"Problems and Promises" by Robert Bolton
"To Die is Gain" by Thomas Brooks
"The Sabbath Question" by James MacGregor
"The Christian Sabbath: Its Nature, Design and Proper Observance
"Foundations for a God-honoring Covenant Family" by Dr. Jack Sin
"The Alien Righteousness" by B.B. Warfield
"God's Covenants with Man: The Church" by A.A. Hodge

2011 - 2012

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October 2011
November 2011
December 2011
January 2012
February 2012
March 2012
April 2012
May 2012
June 2012
July 2012
August 2012
September 2012
October 2012
November 2012
December 2012
"Cordials in Temporal Times" by Henry Law
"Human Inability" by C.H. Spurgeon
"A Study of Dispensationalism" by A.W. Pink
"The Mystery of Providence" by John Flavel
"The Disturbing Legacy of Charles Finney" by Michael Horton
"Thoughts on Religious Experience" by Archibald Alexander
"Letter to a New Convert" by Jonathan Edwards
"The Love of Christ" by Robert Murray M'Cheyne
"The Fallibility of Ministers" by J.C. Ryle
"Liberation From Human Authority" by Martin Luther
"The Lord Our Righteousness" by William Romaine
"To Fulfill All Righteousness: The Saving Merits of Christ's Obedience" by Richard Daniels
"God's Ultimate Purpose" by Martyn Lloyd-Jones
"Antidote to Personal Apostasy" by John Trapp
"What's Wrong with Wright: Examining the New Perspective on Paul" by Phil Johnson
"Regeneration" by Thomas Boston
"The Silent Christ" by J.R. Miller
"Judging: The Christian's Duty" by Doug Kuiper
"The Two Effects of the Gospel" by C.H. Spurgeon
"The Bible: The Book of Mankind" by B.B. Warfield
"The Scriptural Regulative Principle of Worship" by G.I. Williamson
"The Church of the Highest Common Denominator" by Kim Riddlebarger
"Christ's Warning Concerning False Teachers" by Brian Schwertley
"Who is Jesus?" by R.C. Sproul

2013 - 2014

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November 2013
December 2013
January 2014
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March 2014
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July 2014
August 2014
September 2014
October 2014
November 2014
December 2014
"Perseverance" by J.C. Ryle
"Aggravation of Sin" by Thomas Goodwin
"The Doctrine of Repentance" by Thomas Watson
"Born Againism" by Richard Ochs
"Mystical Union Between Christ and the Saints" by Thomas Watson
"Faith" by Louis Berkhof
"Lordship Salvation: Biblical or Heretical?" by William Webster
"Jonathan Edwards's 'End of Creation': An Exposition and Defense by Walter Shultz
"The Work of the Spirit as the Spirit of Holiness" by James Buchanan
"Immortality" by Loraine Boettner
"What the Reformers Really Said: Calvin on types and parallels" by Peter Masters
"Arminian Universalism" by R.B. Kuiper
"Christ Crucified" by Charles H. Spurgeon
"Immortality" Part II by Loraine Boettner
"Bruce Waltke: Another Theistic Evolutionist Comes Out of the Closet" by Dr. Paul M. Elliott
"The Hand of God" by Francis A. Schaeffer
"Immortality: The Intermediate State" by Loraine Boettner
"Relief in God Alone" by John Owen
"Antithetical to the World" by R.B. Kuiper
"The Atonement: Introduction" by Arthur W. Pink
"New Testament Use of the Old Testament" by Roger Nicole
"Justification: Its Immediate and Only Ground, the Imputed Righteousness of Christ" by James Buchanan
"The Atonement - Its Source" by A.W. Pink
"The Quality of Worship" by R.B. Kuiper

2015 - 2016

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November 2015
December 2015
January 2016
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March 2016
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September 2016
October 2016
November 2016
December 2016
"B.B. Warfield on Creation and Evolution" by Fred G. Zaspel
"The Holy Life of the Justified" by Horatius Bonar
"How are We Complete in Christ" by William Whitaker
"The Atonement - Its Necessity" by Arthur W. Pink
"Reflections on Dawkin's The Blind Watchmaker" by Dallas Willard
"The Nature of Union With Christ" by John Murray
"The Manner in Which the Salvation of the Soul is to be Sought" by Jonathan Edwards
"Are All Parables and Miracles Gracious?" by Peter Masters
"The Imputation of the Obedience of Christ" by John Owen
"The Regulative Principle of Worship" by Terry L. Johnson
"The Devil's Mission of Amusement" by Archibald G. Brown
"TULIP" by John H. Gerstner
"A True Map of Man's Miserable Estate by Nature" by Christopher Love
"A New Family" by James Montgomery Boice
"The Strength of Sin; and How the Law is the Strength thereof, opened up and unfolded" by Ralph Erskine (sermons 1&2)
"The Strength of Sin; and How the Law is the Strength thereof, opened up and unfolded" by Ralph Erskine (sermons 3&4)
"The Strength of Sin; and How the Law is the Strength thereof, opened up and unfolded" by Ralph Erskine (sermons 5&6)
"On God's Omnipresence" by Stephen Charnock
"The Knowledge of God" by Dale H. Kuiper
"Faith and Repentance" by John Murray
"Arminianisms" by J.I. Packer
"The True Church" by J.C. Ryle
"Not Corrupting the Word" by J.C. Ryle
"Give Yourself Wholly to Them" by J.C. Ryle

2017 - 2018

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December 2017
January 2018
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November 2018
"Pharisees and Saducees" by J.C. Ryle
"All Kinds of Strange Teachings" by J.C. Ryle
"The Fallibility of Ministers" by J.C. Ryle
"Apostolic Fears" by J.C. Ryle
"Idolatry" by J.C. Ryle
"Praying For Our Children's Salvation" by Joel Beeke
"The True Gospel of Christ vs. The False Gospel of Carnal Christianity" by L.R. Shelton, Jr.
"God Makes Men Sensible of Their Misery Before He Reveals His Mercy and Love" by Jonathan Edwards
"Pope Francis, The Fox" by Richard Bennett
"Election, Love Before Time: Does i Really Matter? How Does it Matter?"
"Directions to the People of God When the Lord is Pleased to Recover Them From Sickness and Distress" by John Willison
"The Heart of Worship" by Elly Achok
"Purity in an Age of Impurity" by Michael Ives
"39: The Thirty Ninth Sermon, whic is the Seventh on the Fifth Chapter [Ephesians]" by John Calvin
"Beauty Revisited" by John Mason Hodges
"The Reformed View of Sanctification" by Sinclair Ferguson
"The Matter of Christ's Sermon - The First Branch: Matthew 5:3-12" by William Perkins
"Are the Remonstrants Heretics?" by R. Scott Clark
"Mysticism and Christianity" by B.B. Warfield
"Adoption: Belonging to God's Family" by John H. Gerstner
"What is the 'Hermeneutic of Trust' And Why is it Dangerous?" by Paul Elliott
"Final Warning" by Asahel Nettleton
"A Study in Revival & Conversion Using Jonathan Edwards' "A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God" by William C. Nicols

2019 - 2020

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December 2020
"No Article"
"By Whose Authority Do You Identify As Male Or Female - Or As A Christian?" by Paul M. Elliott
"Men Naturally are God's Enemies"by Jonathan Edwards
"10 Concerns Francis Schaeffer Took to the Grave" by Will Graham
"An Unpublished Essay on the Trinity" by Jonathan Edwards
"Theonomy and Christian Reconstructionism" by Rev. R. Aasman
"On the Workmanship of God, Of the Formation of Man" by Lucius Caecilius Firmianus Lactantius
"Salvation - Adoption by God" by Paul M. Elliott
"Evangelism and Apologetics" by Dr. Greg Bahnsen
"Double Predestination" by R.C. Sproul, Sr.
"Unforgettable Lessons From the Protestant Reformation" by Dr. Jack Sin
"Going Home - A Christmas Sermon" by Charles H. Spurgeon
"A Sermon by Jean Claude, Minister, on Ecclesiastes 7:14"
"The Office of Works of Charity in the Last Judgment" by John Lafayette Girardeau
"The 'Three Rs' of Compromise" by Dr. Paul M. Elliott
"The Myth of the 'Carnal Christian'" by Paul M. Elliott
"Limited Atonement'" by Gordon Girod
"The Sinfulness of Original Sin" by W.G.T. Shedd
"Growth" by J.C. Ryle
"Homeschooling: A 5-Part Series" by Paul M. Elliott
"Growth in Grace" by Archibald Alexander
"Against the Well-Meant Offer" by John Gerstner
"The Foundation of the Assurance of Faith" by Louis Berkhof
"The Christian's Special Duty of Giving Thanks" by Thomas Manton

2021 - 2022

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January 2022
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March 2022
April 2022
May 2022
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July 2022
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October 2022
November 2022
December 2022
"The Divine Trinity" by Herman Bavinck
"What Do You Do When You Become Depressed?" by Jay E. Adams
"The Origin, Essence, and Purpose of Man" by Herman Bavinck
"The Excellency of Saving Faith" by Thomas Manton
"Old Landmarks" by Archibald G. Brown
"You Hath He Quickened Who Were Dead" by J.C. Ryle
"The Resurrection" by Thomas Boston
"Holiness - Introduction" by J.C. Ryle
"Sing Unto the Lord: A Position Paper on Worship Music" by Reformation Bible Church
"What Should We Think of Evangelism and Calvinism? by Ernest Reisinger
"Special Thanksgiving to the Father" by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
"A Discourse on the Cleansing Virtue of Christ's Blood" by Stephen Charnock
"Did C.S. Lewis Go to Heaven?" by John W. Robbins
"Prayer: Christ's Model for Believers" - Paul M. Elliott
"Mediatorial Union" - Arthur W. Pink
"The Evidences of Regeneration" by C.R. Vaughan
"This My Comfort in My Affliction" by Thomas Manton
"Youth Warned" by John Angell James
"J.I. Packer's Introductory Essay to John Owen's "The Death of Death in the Death of Christ"
"Jonathan Edwards and the Critical Importance of Revival" by Dr. Martyn-Lloyd Jones
"A Call to Prayer" by J.C. Ryle
"Biblical Worship 'In Spirit and Truth'" by Archibald G. Brown
"God's Anatomy Upon Man's Heart" by Thomas Watson
"Old Landmarks" by Archibald G. Brown

2023 - 2024

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June 2024
"What Did the Cross Achieve: The Logic of Penal Substitution" by J.I. Packer
"The Doctrine of Atonement and The Active Obedience of Christ" by J. Gresham Machen
"What is a True Revival?" by Charles Woodruff
"The Deceitfulness of the Heart" by David Black
"Heart-Knowledge of God" by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
"The Father's Love to the Son, and Depositing All Things into His Hand, A Strong Encouragement to Faith" by Rev. Ralphn Erskine
"The Fight of Faith Crowned" by Thomas Watson
"The Christian's Only Hope in Life and Death: Lord's Day 1" - Rev. G.H. Kersten
"A Consuming Fire: Holiness, Wrath, and Justice" - R.C. Sproul, Sr.
"Submission to Rulers" by Johnathan Edwards
"The Antinomian View of Justification" by John H. Gerstner
"Sandemanianism" by Dr. Michael Haykin
"Theology of Politics: Guns & the Second Amendment" by Erich Pratt
"God Deals in Remnants: Are You Willing to be One?" by Dr. Paul M. Elliott
"The Necessity of the Atonement" by Jonathan Edwards
"Did Jesus Die of 'Natural Causes?'" by Dr. Paul M. Elliott
"The Righteousness of God" by Horatius Bonar
"God's Strange Calling" by Charles H. Spurgeon

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