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"The Glory of Christ" - John Owen [Book]
"The Eternal Sonship of the Lord Jesus Christ"- J.C. Philpot [Book]
"The Self-Existence of Jesus Christ"- William Romaine
"What Think Ye of Christ?" - John A. Witmer
"The Divine and Human Nature of Christ" - Herman Bavinck
"The Divinity of Christ" - J. Ligon Duncan
"The Deity of Jesus Christ" - Michael Bremmer
"Who is Jesus?" - R.C. Sproul, Sr.
"The Christ of Arminianism (Freewillism)" - Steven Houck
"A Primer on the Deity of Christ" - Dr. John H. Gerstner
    Part I
    Part II"
"The Christ" - Geehardus Vos
"How Can We Know God?" - Michael Horton
"Mediatorial Union" - Arthur W. Pink
"Christ" - James Ussher
"On the Deity of Christ" - J. Gresham Machen
"Christ's 'Little Ones'" - Benjamim B. Warfield
"The Emotional Life of Our Lord" - Benjamim B. Warfield
"The Sufferings and Death of Christ" - Augustus Toplady
"Christ our Passover" - Augustus Toplady
"The Resurrection of Christ" - Augustus Toplady
"Application of The Resurrection of Christ" - Augustus Toplady
"The Resurrection" - John Brown
"Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?"
"The Word of Forgiveness" - A.W. Pink
"Constraining Love" - J. Gresham Machen
"Jesus Himself - Mary Magdalene" - Marcus L. Loane
"The Love of Christ" - Robert Murray M'Cheyne
"John Owen on The Spirit in the Life of Christ" - Sinclair Ferguson

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