General Articles on Calvinism

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"The Fundamental Principle of Calvinism" - H. Henry Meeter
"The Place of Faith in the Calvinistic System" - H. Hentry Meeter
"The Practical Implications of Calvinism" - Albert N. Martin
"What is the Reformed Faith"
"A Brief and Untechnical Statement of the Reformed Faith" - B.B. Warfield
"The Origins of Calvinism" - Joel Beeke
"A Comparison of Systems" - A.A. Hodge
"A Defense of Reformed (biblical) Apologetics" - Cornelius VanTil
"God's Providence" - James Montgomery Boice
"The Five Points of Calvinism" - W.J. Seaton
"The Five Points of Calvinism" - Robert L. Dabney
"How Many Points?" - Richard A. Muller
"Doctrines of Grace"
"The Deeper Faith" (an Exposition of the Canons of Dordt) - Rev. Gordon Girod [Book]
"Who was Arminius?" - Dr. Robert Godfrey
"The Arminian Controversy" - William Cunningham
"Calvinism... the Truth (Arminianism the Lie)" - Robert C. Harbach
"The Reformed Faith and Arminianism" - John Murray
     *Part I
     *Part II
     *Part III
"Arminianism Exposed" - Rev. Mark Herzer
"Calvinism and Evangelical Arminianism" - John L. Girardeau
"An Antidote to Arminianism" - Christopher Ness [Book]
"Truth and Error" - Horatius Bonar [Series]
"The Covenant of Grace" - John Murray
"The Covenant of Grace" - Rev. G. H. Kersten
"Covenant of Grace or Plan of Redemption" - Archibald Alexander
"Natural Theology" - John Preston
"Was Geneva a Theocracy" - Michael Horton
"The Truth About Calvin and Servetus" - Loraine Boettner
"The Reformed View of Education" - Cornelius Van Til
"Teaching" - Noel Weeks
"Theology for Everyman" - John H. Gerstner [Book]


"The Piety of John Calvin" - Ford Lewis Battles
"Calvin as a Theologian and Calvinism Today" - B.B. Warfield
"Idelette de Bure - Wife of Calvin" - J.H. Alexander
"Katherine von Bora - Wife of Luther" - J.H. Alexander
"Majorie Bowes - Wife of Knox" - J.H. Alexander
"The 'Uncommon' Sarah Edwards" - Camille Van Buren  NEW
"The Martyrdom of Thomas Hawkes"
"Hugh Latimer - Apostle of England"
"Remembering the Christian Martyrs of the Church: Living Witnesses of the Past" - Dr. Jack Sin
"Why Were Our Reformers Burned?" - J.C. Ryle

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