Theology - The Doctrine of God

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"God" - Benjamin B. Warfield
"God" - Stephen Charnock
"The True God" - James Montgomery Boice
"Why I Believe in God" - Cornelius VanTil
"The Divine Trinity" - Herman Bavinck
"The Trinity" - Thomas Watson
"The Undivided Three: The Doctrine of the Trinity in Church History " - Michael Haykin
"The Trinity of God " - G.H. Kersten
"The Trinity " - Louis Berkhof
"The Arian Controversy" - Rev. Harold Hanko
"A Brief Declaration and Vindication of The Doctrine of the Trinity" - John Owen
"On God's Omnipresence" - Stephen Charnock
"The Knowledge of God" - Dale H. Kuiper
"Study Providence" - Stephen Charnock
"The Hand of God" - Francis Schaeffer

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