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How shall we preach the truth if we begin by assuming a lie? chestnutmare Thu Aug 24, 2023 11:40 AM "For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil." 1 John 3:8

At this day the world is still divided into children of God and children of the evil one. This distinction ought never to be forgotten; and yet thousands of sermons are preached in which it is quite ignored, and congregations are commonly addressed as if they were all the people of God. How shall we preach the truth if we begin by assuming a lie? Yet to assume that all our hearers are Christians is to begin with an error. Is it not highly probable that men will be built up in falsehood if the very truth which is addressed to them is put in a false way? No, my hearers, we cannot talk to you as all the people of God, for you are not; some of you are the children of the wicked one, and though it may not be pleasant to be told so, yet it is no business of ours to please you. Our duty is to preach so as to please God and benefit the souls of men, and that can only be effected by an honest enunciation of matters of fact. There is a definite and fixed line in the sight of God between the living and the dead, between those who are born again and those who abide in their fallen estate; between the spiritual and the carnal...

~ C.H. Spurgeon
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Peace and brightness in this stormy and dark world chestnutmare Fri Aug 11, 2023 1:09 PM Men have a great deal of pleasure in human knowledge, in studies of natural things; but this is nothing to that joy which arises from divine light shining into the soul. This spiritual light is the dawning of the light of glory in the heart. There is nothing so powerful as this to support persons in affliction, and to give the mind peace and brightness in this stormy and dark world. This knowledge will wean from the world, and raise the inclination to heavenly things. It will turn the heart to God as the fountain of good, and to choose him for the only portion. This light, and this only, will bring the soul to a saving close with Christ. It conforms the heart to the gospel, mortifies its enmity and opposition against the scheme of salvation therein revealed: it causes the heart to embrace the joyful tidings, and entirely to adhere to, and acquiesce in the revelation of Christ as our Savior.

~ Jonathan Edwards
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Though HE Slay Me chestnutmare Thu Jul 27, 2023 10:57 PM “Though HE Slay Me, YET WILL I TRUST (Hope) IN HIM” ~ Job 13:15

“When the Christian believer is reduced to great straits and brought into extraordinary difficulties (By God). He cannot retreat; he cannot go forward; he is shut up on the right hand and on the left; what is he now to do? The Master’s word to him is, “Stand firm.” It will be well for him if at such times he listens only to his Master’s word, for other and evil advisers come with their suggestions.

Despair whispers, “Lie down and die; give it all up.” But God would have us put on a cheerful courage and even in our worst times rejoice in His love and faithfulness. Cowardice says, “Retreat; go back to the worldling’s way of action; you cannot play the Christian’s part—it is too difficult. Relinquish your principles.” But however much Satan may urge this course upon you, you cannot follow it if you are a child of God. His divine decree has bid you go from strength to strength, and so you shall, and neither death nor hell shall turn you from your course. Even if you are called to stand firm for a while, this is in order to renew your strength for some greater advance in due time.

Precipitancy cries, “Do something. Stir yourself; to stand still and wait is sheer idleness.” We must be doing something at once—we must do it, so we think—instead of looking to the Lord, who will not only do something but will do everything. Presumption boasts, “If the sea is before you, march into it and expect a miracle.”

But faith listens neither to presumption, nor to despair, nor to cowardice, nor to precipitancy, but it hears God say, “Stand firm,” and immovable as a rock it stands. “Stand firm”—keep the posture of an upright man, ready for action, expecting further orders, cheerfully and patiently awaiting the directing voice; and it will not be long before God shall say to you, as distinctly as Moses said it to the people of Israel, “Go forward.”

~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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The law of God is perfect, converting the soul chestnutmare Mon May 22, 2023 1:50 PM The Holy Spirit also testifies to us about this.
First He says: “This is the covenant I will make with them after those days, declares the Lord. I will put My laws in their hearts and inscribe them on their minds." Heb.10:15

"Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the LORD." Psalm 119:1

The Psalmist begins with a description of the way to true blessedness, as Christ began His Sermon on the Mount.

Our own desires and inclinations are not our rule. Oh, how miserable should we be if our lust were our law, if the bent of our hearts were our rule! Jude 16, ‘Walking after their own lusts,’ is the description of those that were monsters of men, that had outgrown all feelings of conscience. The laws of men are not our rule. It is too narrow and short to commend us to God, to be punctual to the laws of men and no more: Ps. xix. 7, ‘The law of God is perfect, converting the soul.’ To convince us of sin, to humble the heart, to reduce and bring us back to God, there is no rule for this but the law of God. Men make laws as tailors do garments, to fit the crooked bodies they serve for, to suit the humours of the people to be governed by these laws; surely they are not a sufficient rule to convince us of sin, and to guide us to true happiness. A civil orderly man is one thing, and a godly renewed man another. It is God’s prerogative to give a law to the conscience and the renewed motions of the heart.

~ Thomas Manton. Works of Thomas Manton, Volume 6; Sermon 1 Psalm 119
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God’s providence chestnutmare Mon May 15, 2023 11:16 AM And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
~ Romans 8:28

If God’s providence ordains all things that come to pass according to the immutable law of His purpose, then what necessity is there for prayer? We cannot by our most fervent prayers alter God’s decrees. Divine providence does not only ordain what outcomes shall come to pass, but also by what means, what causes, and in what order they shall flow. Prayer is a means to bring to pass that which God has determined shall be. Prayer does not incline God to bestow that which before He was not resolved to give but prepares us to receive that which God will not give otherwise. Here is another way to say that: Prayer is a means by which we may submit our will to receive that which He has preordained would be according to His wisdom to provide the outcome that would bring the highest glory to Him.

~ Ezekiel Hopkins.
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