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by Tom. Mon May 10, 2021 6:57 PM
Police Raid Church Service
by Tom. Mon May 10, 2021 6:38 PM
Trial of Pastor James Coates
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Consider Jesus ~ Octavious Winslow
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Theology Discussion Forum
6 hours ago
The reason I liked the idea is because in the very next chapter, ch 9 you get that the covenant will be confirmed. What covenant? Gen 3:15.

The language of Daniel 8:10 is also found in Revelation 12:4.

There are a lot of commentators who assign much of Daniel’s monumental vision (to the end of all things evil) as being fulfilled by Antiochus Epiphanes also and without justification other than many commentators have said the very same thing and you just go round and round without answering a lot of what Daniel 7-12 presents.
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Open Forum
Mon May 10, 2021 10:57 PM
Let me tell you, my tongue is getting very sore from biting it.

More and more, I am finding that I need to walk out of rooms, on the subject of vaccines, masks, racism, homosexuality, etc...

I am actually not afraid to speak my mind, but many times I am finding out it is better to remain silent in many family situations where to open my mouth will cause fights and division.

I am at present, sitting on my back deck after doing just that.
My niece, who is not a believer but respects us, because of how we live, is visiting.
She was going off on people that have not been vaccinated that can be vaccinated. Then she started talking about her mother in law, whose husband (her son) has just finished fixing up her basement sweet to rent. Apparently she had some renters lined up, but that fell through when she found out they were lesbians. My niece was rolling her eyes as she said this and added, "I am going to assume that she is racist too."

Now there is no love lost between her mother- in law and me; we have our issues. However, as you can well imagine, I had to leave the room lest I caused a a family squabble. My wife also, did not comment and let our niece's comments slide.

I was recently advised by a pastor friend, that I should not remain quiet when such things are brought up. However, my experience tells me that sometimes it is better to say nothing with some people.

End of rant.
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Open Forum
Mon May 10, 2021 10:38 PM

Great post; I could not agree with you more!

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Open Forum
Thu May 06, 2021 12:45 AM
Some here might have heard about the Pastor in Edmonton Alberta Canada, who spent 35 days in jail for violating the Alberta Health Act. Pastor James Coate’s trial has started and a friend of mine sent me information on day one of the trial.
The first part are comments made by my friend.

Pastor James Coates Trial Report Day 1

This is the key argument a church needs to make in court, but sadly its a doctrine that isn’t believed by many today and that has consequences when their are social gathering restrictions. "Pastor Coates explained in great detail the Church’s Theological Statement, WHICH calls on the congregation as a whole to gather together in worship (“corporate worship”) in person and as one body of Christ.” -together as one body-

POSTED ON: MAY 3, 2021
The Crown prosecutor has sought and obtained a Court Order to withhold video-taping of the Court proceedings of the Alberta Government vs Pastor James Coates from the public, and to anonymize the name of the Crown Prosecutor. The Crown called its only witness, Janine Hanrahan, the Alberta Health Services (AHS) bureaucrat who inspected the church over many Sundays from November 2020 through to February 2021. Ms. Hanrahan told the Court she saw sanitization supplies, and congregants who did not wear masks. She said people in the Church were videotaping the RCMP on December 13, when they came with her to the Church during service. The AHS inspector reported she saw people talking to each other in the lobby.
Ms Hanrahan stated she went to the church balcony to count how many people were in the sanctuary, and video-recorded church members singing in worship. She further testified that Grace Life Elders told her and the RCMP it is an offence under the Criminal Code to disrupt a church service.
Lawyer Leighton Grey represents Pastor Coates and Grace Life Church, and cross-examined Ms. Hanrahan, asking the AHS bureaucrat why she took RCMP officers with her to the church. Notes from an RCMP officer indicate that Ms. Hanrahan told police that she feared being harmed by going to the church, but admitted on the stand that she did not have concerns that someone from church would harm her. Ms. Hanrahan then said that bringing the RCMP was because of media attention.
Grey: you’ve described some of these activities as risky (people singing re: asymptomatic spread of covid-19). Were you told by your employers (AHS) that singing was a risky behavior?
Ms. Hanrahan: yes
Mr. Grey: You took that as face value?
Ms. Hanrahan: the science made sense to me
Mr. Grey: you said something odd in your notes. You said clapping/cheering for RCMP at GL could lead to covid spread.
Ms. Hanrahan: yes
Mr. Grey: did AHS tell you that?
Ms. Hanrahan: no
Mr. Grey: so that’s your own theory?
Ms. Hanrahan: yes
Mr. Grey: did you read that in any studies?
Ms. Hanrahan: no
In other words, Ms. Hanrahan simply believes whatever AHS tells her.
It was expected the Crown would call at least one RCMP officer, but none were called.

The Crown then made an Application to prevent the Justice Centre lawyers from calling evidence for the purposes of demonstrating that the government had violated six different Charter rights and freedoms. The Crown said three of these were hopeless, and that we should not be permitted to call evidence in support of the defence position that the Charter had been violated.

Judge Robert Shaigec ruled against the Crown, saying that it has to be very clear that no Charter right breach could possibly be found, and that the rule is to permit evidence and argument regarding alleged Charter breaches. He completely denied the Crown’s application, saying all of Pastor Coates’ alleged Charter rights violation arguments are fair game, and the defence can present evidence of them.

Ms. Hanrahan confirmed that she received no additional training at all from AHS once the pandemic hit. She has been provided with no scientific data or even a basic understanding of the risk of contagion. She testified that she simply follows what she is told by AHS because it is “the law.” She also testified that she does not trust any other sources of information besides AHS. She further admitted that her calculations concerning the total capacity of the church were based upon assumptions, and therefore could be wrong.

After a break for lunch, Justice Centre lead counsel Leighton Grey called Pastor Coates to the stand. For over an hour, Pastor Coates testified as to his birth in Ontario, and how he came to be a Pastor. He detailed how the restrictions violate his rights and those of his congregation. Pastor Coates explained in great detail the Church’s Theological Statement, which calls on the congregation as a whole to gather together in worship (“corporate worship”) in person and as one body of Christ.

Pastor Coates also notes the congregation is “commanded to sing” as a critical means of expressing their “worship” and “love”. Pastor Coates describes that the Church sacrificed many of their additional programs due to Covid, to focus all of their attention in the last year on meeting once a week for Sunday Service, which was essential and something that could not be compromised.”

Virtual services would alter what worshiping is, and would constitute a major interference in their specific beliefs, he testified. He described that some congregants were forced to choose between keeping their jobs or their church life.

Crown counsel then cross-examined Pastor Coates, who demonstrated impressive knowledge of facts and science in relation to Covid and lockdowns. At the end of the court hearing, the Crown opposed the Justice Centre application to enter the transcript of the 16 February bail hearing that led to Pastor’s detention. The basis for her objections were irrelevance, and the fact that she was the Crown who sought to remand Pastor. This point will be argued fully tomorrow, but Judge Shaigec made it somewhat clear that he is inclined to admit the transcript unless she can persuade him not to do so.
If you are interested in seeing Day 2 of the trail, you can at:


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Mon May 03, 2021 7:00 PM

Consider Jesus– in His Atoning Blood

"The blood of Jesus, His Son, cleanses us from every sin." 1 John 1:7

The blood of Jesus is everything. It is the central doctrine of our faith, the present and eternal life of our souls. There is no pardon, no salvation, no heaven but by blood--the blood of the Lord Jesus. Were we to relinquish every other revealed truth, and concentrate upon this one our supreme and lasting study, resolving all our knowledge of the Bible into an 'experimental and personal acquaintance' with ATONING BLOOD--as, like a purple thread, it runs from Genesis to Revelation, it would not be a too exaggerated view of this vital and momentous subject. The blood is everything to us--it is everything to God. He provided it, is satisfied with it, beholds it, and when He sees it on the soul, that soul becomes a living and a lovely soul in His sight. May our meditation on atoning blood exalt our views of its dignity, increase in us its power, and endear to our hearts the preciousness of Him who shed it!

The blood of Jesus is DIVINE. It is the blood of God's Son, the God-man Christ Jesus. In this consists its sovereign virtue. The Divine nature of Christ rendered His obedience and death an offering and a sacrifice to God of a sweet-smelling savor.

The blood of Jesus is ATONING. It was shed for sin, it has made to Divine justice a full satisfaction for sin, it puts away sin. Is sin your burden, O my soul? Is it for your sins you do moan and weep, and are cast down? Behold, the sin-atoning blood of Jesus; believe, and weep no more. Here is that before which not a sin can stand.

The blood of Jesus is CLEANSING. It "cleanses us." Oh, this is what you do so deeply need, my soul! Sin-forgiving, guilt-removing, heart-cleansing, conscience-purifying blood. All this is the blood of Jesus to you. Wash in it, and you shall be whiter than snow. "He that is washed is clean, every whit." And mark the tense of the wonderful words on which this meditation is based--it is the present tense. The blood "cleanses." It has cleansed, it will cleanse, but, as touching our daily walk as believers in Jesus, we have to do with its present cleansing. In our Christian travel through a sinful world the feet are apt to slide, prone to wander, and are constantly contracting fresh defilement, needing the daily washing in the blood. What a sweet thought, O my soul! that the fountain is open, and the blood cleanses, even now cleanses us, from all sin.

The blood of Jesus SPEAKS. "The blood of Christ that speaks." Oh, what a voice has the blood of Jesus! What sweetness and majesty, what gentleness and power! It speaks, and the troubled conscience is at rest; it speaks, and the broken heart is healed; it speaks, and the tormenting doubt is hushed; it speaks, and the trembling fear is quelled. It speaks, also, within the veil. The voice of Jesus' blood is heard in glory, sweeter and louder than the voices of all the minstrels round about the throne. My soul, the voice of Jesus' blood pleads louder for you in heaven, than all your sins can plead against you on earth.

It is sprinkled blood--that is, APPLIED blood. Therefore it is called, "the blood of sprinkling." The blood of Jesus practically will not avail us unless applied to the conscience, just as the blood of the Paschal lamb had availed nothing to the Israelite, when the first-born of Egypt was slain, had it not been sprinkled upon his house. And so God said, "When I SEE the BLOOD, I will pass over you." O my soul! look well to this. Why is it that you are so doubting and fearful? Why are you not walking in a full sense of your pardon and acceptance in JESUS–basking in the sunshine of a present and assured salvation? Is it not because you are stopping short of the applied blood? Oh, come to the blood, the blood of sprinkling! Keep no guilt upon your conscience, no anguish for uncleansed sin in your heart; but wash daily in the precious blood of Christ, which cleanses from ALL sin.
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Mon May 03, 2021 6:55 PM
Dear Brother,

Thank you for sharing this poem and this tremendous verse of scripture. I remember the day God illuminated this verse to me so that I might have spiritual understanding of it. Dear Brother, we stand in the ways and see and still we must ask for the old paths, where is the good way. There is only one path of truth, but alas there are many false " ways ". There are multitudes of false ways in what is false Christianity. Thank you for reminding us of this powerful verse in Jeremiah, which exhorts us to ask for the old paths and to walk therein, for truly it is in the way of Truth do we find rest for our our souls.
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What's New on The Highway website?
Sat May 01, 2021 10:32 AM
Every age has its distinguishing character and mark. Some have been military ages above everything else, and the pages of their history might appropriately be written in blood, and illustrated by battle scenes. Others may be truthfully described as “scientific,” and some few as “profligate.”

The present age I am inclined to catalogue as “radical.” On every hand there has arisen a bold and defiant spirit of inquiry. Respectfulness for anything is at a discount. The oldest theories are now put to the most searching tests, and things that were looked upon with something akin to pious awe by our forefathers, are now handled freely, and often with laughter. Old landmarks are being most unceremoniously shifted into remote corners, or else moved off the face of the earth entirely. This spirit pervades the political, scientific, and religious worlds alike, and in all three its reckless boldness seems on the increase.

This month's article was the introduction to a sermon preached by Archibald G. Brown on November 5th, 1871, at Stepney Green Tabernacle, England. Who was Archibald, you ask... he was a Calvinistic Baptist minister; a student, friend, and associate of Charles Spurgeon; and from 1908 to 1911, pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, the church earlier pastored by Spurgeon. He died in 1922. So, what is so important about this sermon that it has been chosen as an Article of the Month? As with many 'old' sermons and lectures, they seem to retain their relevance far beyond the time they were first given. Such is the case here. The "landmarks" are two in number; Doctrine and Life and each subdivided into particulars. The details of the parts are not included in this article, but you can find the entire sermon online if you are so inclined, which I would hope you will be after reading Mr. Brown's introductory remarks.

You can read the article now by clicking here: Old Landmarks.

Or, for later reading, visit The Highway website and click on the "Article of the Month" logo. There you will find this month's article and all past Articles of the Month.

In His service and grace,
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Open Forum
Fri Apr 30, 2021 12:24 AM

Thanks, lots to think about.

Many people in Canada and the USA have no idea Canada actually has a “Founding Document”. (Though it must be admitted it did not get official approval until 1982.)

It actually reads much like the US Constitution. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is part of the Canadian Constitution.

Like the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, was written for both freedom of speech and freedom of religion.
Unfortunately, this has largely been ignored in the courts when these rights have been violated. Much like the Democrats who try to interpret the US Constitution as a living document; our government and courts interpret our constitution much the same way. Or introduce bills like Bill C-10 to get by our rights.

There are however, movements such as ‘Canada Proud’ and ‘Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms’ that are working to try to stop this kind of thing from happening. I am actually thinking of contacting the later, to see what they recommend an average concerned citizen can do.

There is only one party in Canada, who has made this part of their platform. It is called ‘The People’s Party of Canada’ and they are lead by Maxine Bernier. He recently had a rally in Ontario, Canada and was fined for violating so called “health guidelines”.

Surely Canada is going more and more towards soft totalitarianism, and ‘Cultural Marxism’.
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Theology Discussion Forum
Tue Apr 27, 2021 11:47 PM

Do you believe that elect=saved?

Elect, does not equal saved. The elect will in God's timing have their heart of stone removed and replaced with a heart of flesh and will believe in Christ and be saved. But elect does not equal saved.

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Open Forum
Tue Apr 27, 2021 10:13 AM
So, why doesn't this individual cough up the land and cash to build a temple with an enormous worship space and call it "Solomon's portico"? I fail to see the "mandate" that there can be only one building where believers gather together to worship. I don't see "denominations" in his argument either. Does he believe there should be only ONE SINGLE BUILDING in which every individual believer throughout the entire world meet on the Lord's Day? Seems a bit challenging doesn't it? scratchchin The Church grew and with that growth changes were made to accommodate those changes. Even in Paul's day, there were several separate physical churches in an area or region, e.g., Gal 1:2b "unto the churches of Galatia:". Although there were many places of worship, they all were to be of "one mind" and "one spirit" (Rom 15:6; 2Cor 13:11; Php 1:27; 2:2; 1Pet 3:8). The instructions for conducting worship pertained to ALL gatherings and still remain salient to the church(es) today, including church discipline. Perhaps if there are too many members or people in general who attend your gatherings and there is no facility to contain them, this person would recommend that you all meet outside in a field somewhere year round? Jesus did much of His teaching outdoors didn't He? By doing so, did He intend to set a perpetual precedent for all who followed Him? I find this person's view rather problematic, to say the least, and impractical for most churches throughout the world.
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Mon Apr 26, 2021 2:17 AM
“True conversion begins in convictions--and true convictions end in conversion.”

I like that. I believe that. I wrestle with that.
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Open Forum
Wed Apr 21, 2021 1:43 AM
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Theology Discussion Forum
Mon Apr 19, 2021 4:55 PM
I agree with you for the most part. But I am going to disagree with the definition of "expository preaching" which says that such preaching means to preach through a given section; book, chapter line by line. My view is based upon the etymology of the word which is simply to "expose" reveal the meaning of something. Thus true expository preaching is to take even a phrase (in context of course), a verse, passage, etc. and carefully give the meaning and appropriate application(s) of it. Some of the Puritans could take one verse and preach 3 or more sermons on that one text expositorily. grin

As to the method of preaching on a text, doctrine, etc., which is controversial, I am of the opinion that the preacher/teacher should give the meaning which he has come to embrace through diligent study. And, after doing so, mention that there are differing views held by others, some of which [i]may[/b] be worthy of consideration and why others are not worthy of consideration and should be firmly rejected.
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Theology Discussion Forum
Sun Apr 18, 2021 10:09 AM
Why did Christ came into this world?

Matt 1:21

21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.

It was for a Salvaic or Redemptive purpose established before the world began via the Everlasting Covenent or the Eternal Purpose in Christ Eph 3:11

11 According to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord:
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Open Forum
Sat Apr 17, 2021 2:26 PM
I heard a bit more about this particular case.

“The controversial imprisonment of the B.C. father who was jailed after speaking out about his inability to delay the medical transitioning of his biologically female child came to a head during the first two days of his trial.
In hopes that a plea bargain would be accepted, the father, who we are legally obligated to refer to as C.D., pled guilty to criminal contempt for breaching various publication bans and orders that restrict what he is allowed to disclose publicly about his case.
C.D.’s lawyer, Carey Linde, and Daniel Pruim, the Crown lawyer, brought forward a plea bargain which included a total of 45 days in jail, including time served and 18 months of probation for C.D.
On Tuesday, C.D. took the stand to explain why he had continued to breach the publication bans in speaking out. He said it never had anything to do with transgender issues, or disrespecting the courts. It had everything to do with his duty as a parent to protect his child from undergoing treatments that can cause health issues, including sterility, prior to them reaching the age of 18. He felt it was his duty to warn others about his inability to prevent this from occurring to his child.
Justice Michael Tammen, who is presiding over the matter, showed no signs of being sympathetic to the father’s reasoning. Tammen made it clear that his position is that C.D.’s numerous breaches of the publication bans, including posting interviews with his face, full name, and information about his child, put his child’s privacy at risk.
On day two of the trial, just prior to a lunch break, Justice Tammen made it clear to everyone in attendance that he was considering more jail time for the father, and that he believed that 45 days in jail for the breaches would be “woefully inadequate, and would bring the administration of justice into disrepute.” Suddenly, the maximum sentence of five years no longer seemed implausible to many of C.D.’s supporters present in the courtroom.
When the trial resumed after lunch, Jenn Smith, a friend of C.D. who recently spoke at a protest in support of ending medical transitioning of children, took the stand and stated his belief that “far-right” nutcases had gotten to C.D. and used him for their own gain. Smith argued that this should be considered when the judge makes his decision as to why C.D. chose to speak out.
C.D. took the stand shortly after that, and contradicted what he had explained on day one of the trial and in many interviews he’s done in the past, including this one with Rebel News. His day two testimony was more in line with Smith’s argument in defence of his actions. C.D. explained that he felt he had been used by certain publications, and that maybe even his Christian upbringing had played a role in his belief that his child would be better off waiting until 18 to make such decisions.
Click here to watch my reaction to the first two days of C.D.’s trial and my interview with some of C.D.’s supporters who attended, including Jenn Smith.”

With a society that would do something like this to a father trying to protect his child. I need to wonder, why Christians trust them to do the right thing when it comes to Covid and other matters?
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Open Forum
Sat Apr 17, 2021 4:07 AM
Thank you.
I like the article. I have read some very good articles in the past; but what I particularly liked about this one, is it does not leave you feeling helpless. It actually shows you how to combat it.

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Open Forum
Fri Apr 16, 2021 2:10 AM

That was very helpful and I agree.

Today I learned that in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland every single ventilator is being used and the younger patients are taking priority. They say Covid patients as young as 30, are on ventilators.
Apparently, they are saying that elderly people with prior conditions such as COPD because of the current shortage of ventilators are not even candidates to use a ventilator should they require one.

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Open Forum
Thu Apr 15, 2021 3:28 AM
I was just sent the following from a friend, I think they got my vote.

'The People's Party of Canada' is the only party in Canada that is fighting against:

Vaccine Passports
Sex-Selective Abortions
Pushing radical transgender ideology on kids
Far left woke craziness
Violation of our fundamental rights

The party's leader Maxime Bernier has been touring the country and he has been openly speaking out against all this craziness.

I just pray that the Lord keeps him strong through all this; because he sure must be under enormous pressure.
When the Premier of Alberta was first elected, he promised to do some of these very things and at first he looked like he was trying. However, I heard he was pressured by his own party and now seems to one of the worst Premiers in Canada.
Come to think about it; the worst premiers in Canada, seem to be from the Conservative Party, despite the fact other Premiers are from parties further to the left.

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Theology Discussion Forum
Wed Apr 14, 2021 9:08 PM
I'm with you on this one. I had never heard of "The Holiness Code" until your mention of it. It appears this refers to Leviticus 17-26. Beyond that, I have no clue to what people are believing about it, e.g., an annex to the Ten Commandments which may be binding upon all or just Christians, or ????????
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Theology Discussion Forum
Wed Apr 14, 2021 8:58 PM
Moral law only. The civil and ceremonial law(s) are not binding upon a Christian nor part of their sanctification.
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