Presbyterian Churches in Orlando, FL,<br><br>I have a friend who is moving to Fl in the near future and of course they will need a good CONSERVATIVE Church to attend. OPC or PCA or ?<br><br>1.He hopes to find a Church that is both God-honoring and RTS mission supportive, but the spiritual maturity of the church itself is his primary concern. Since, he will be attending Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) he desires a church that supports the educational ministry of RTS. RTS has a matching program -- if a church or presbytery pays 1/3 of the tuition, then RTS pays 1/3, leaving the student only to pay 1/3. Since, he is financially embarrassed at the moment this is a consideration. <br><br>2. Also, if someone here is from the Orlando/Oviedo area could you suggest an apartment complex for him. Personal experience or knowledge of an area is valuable to someone who has never been to the Orlando area.<br><br>3. In addition, if you know of any private grants or scholarship programs on the "net" that support Presbyterians or seminarians going to seminary I am sure he would appreciate that information as well. He did not ask this, but I thought, while I was posting, I might as well add it.<br><br>Many Thanks

Reformed and Always Reforming,