No I do not attend there--just familiar with some that goes on. As I said they do the Chapel services for the RTS Campus.

The laymen/women there (and at the others Churches) may still become very involved. Pastors realize that seminarians come and go and thus actually attempt to plan around this activity with some stability of those that will hopefully be there for longer periods of time.

Ra does have a great testimony and as I said he is a good teacher. I have met Robert and conversed with him actually more on-line then in person. He also is a very gifted person.

As to Frame taking notes; it may give the person some leverage. They can always claim plagairism, which might earn them a better grade.

Frame also teaches ethics and thus me no think there is any advantage there. He is one of the most gracious men though I know. He has the calmest of spirits and very loving. Now, that does not translate always into great grades--just honest sincere ones <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

Reformed and Always Reforming,