averagefellar said:
I see continuity in administration.......all those who profess and their OIKOS.......and then a continuity of the same practice throughout church history.


Who Departed

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William I suggest reading this:
To Thee and Thy Seed?: A Critical Review of Paedobaptism

A critical evaluation of paedobaptism by Greg Welty Please pay careful attention to Greg's comment on the differences between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant.

String of Pearls unstrung Fred Malone Please see Fred's comment concerning the continuity of the covenants .

A Reformed Baptist View of I Cor. 7:14 And last but not least this look at OIKOS

All of this explains fully our view of the continuity of the covenants. Of course you will probably disagree with this view but I believe it explains where we are coming from.