As I understand it, nobody upheld baptismal regeneration on this matter, which is what Fred seems to be addressing. I make no claim that the children are part of the elect, only part of the visible Church, as are many empty baptists.

Are we claiming every reformed baptists is part of the true covenant? If you answer 'no', this dilemma is the same for both sides.

If Christ's sacrifice is offered up only for His elect people as the "New Covenant in My blood" (Lk. 22:20; Mk. 14:24), how can the unregenerate children of believers be said to be "in" the New Covenant, church, and kingdom without an effectual Mediator?

And there is what I see as the dilemma......a strawman. If I misunderstand this, please let me know. If not, please quit equivocating the visible church with the trully elect, for they are not the same, not at any visible assembly I know of.

God bless,