Hi Prestor;

Thank you so much, it worked fine and I am looking forward to reading it.

For the record, my comments on this subject in the prior posts, such as the Colossians passage, are from my own reading and understanding of scripture as I have never read anything on this subject such as what Welty and others have written. All I know is that when I was presented the WCF postion and the scripture references to support it, the scriptures seemed to be wholely inadequate to the position, and indeed ignored some of the most important ones that contradicted it, thus, in my view, the Analogy of the Faith was violated, not willingly or maliciously of course, for this group of men was in my view one of the most godly and wonderful group of "divines" ever brought together by the hand of God.

It will be good to hear what Mr. Welty and the others have to say, but I believe it is important to be "thoroughly convinced in one's own mind", first.