Hi Tom,

Thanks for answering my questions from a Baptist's perspective. It appears to me that we're not so far apart as you think.

We both agree that we cannot know with certainty whether another person is truly saved. It may appear to us that their profession of faith is genuine but only God knows for sure. We trust that there will be evidences in the life of each believer but again only the Lord knows the heart. Your practice of baptizing professing believers parallels our public profession of faith which brings the believer into the privileges of full communion with the people of God.

In regards to permitting someone who holds to a different view on baptism to be an office bearer in your church I certainly understand. You don't want to have leaders who are opposed to what you believe. So you would choose leaders who support what you believe.

You answered my second question, "Before a child has made a profession of faith, they should not be presumed to be Christians. But that does not mean there are not advantages to a child with Christian parents in the Church." Again we find that we're not so different. As has been repeated here on the-highway many times we do not presume baptismal regeneration. I think our difference comes from our view of the covenant and the meaning of baptism.

If I'm understanding Steve correctly he concludes that there is not continuity between the Covenant of Grace in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Is this the common understanding of most Baptists? If this is true I can certainly see why you don't practice infant baptism and I can understand why your meaning of baptism is different than ours. This is not to say that I agree with this interpretation but at least I understand your view better.


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