In case you want to know a little bit about Dr. Fred Malone.
He was brought up Baptist, but during seminary largely do to the work of John Murray, he became convinced of Paedo-Baptism. After seminary he served for a few years in a Presbyterian Church, where he baptised many babies including two of his own children.

Through a series of events he was forced to look into the matter of Paedo vrs. Credo again, only this time he became convinced that he had been too hasty at excepting the Paedobaptist view.
It is because of this that he understands both sides of the view, something which can not be said about many in the debate.

He is not hostile towards Paedobaptists, in fact here is a quote from the foreword of Malone's book 'The Baptism Of Desciples Alone'.

"I pray that the reading and studying of this book will produce a conciliatory spirit among Baptists and our dear and respected paedobaptist friends. I also pray our differences on baptism will not hinder our mutual efforts to obey our Lord's clearest command, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel." Earnest C. Reisinger