William, if you can show me one place where I have 'equivocated' (sic) baptism with the elect, then I will continue this part of our conversation, but not otherwise.

You have continously put forth the argument that there is only one church, a regenerate one. Your argument is right here below.

And you, show me where this visible/invisible church divide is in the NT.

Sure......right next to the word trinity. We went down that road oncebefore, and the logic isn't working. Herein is the truthful dilemma.....I am a Whole Bible Christian.

Listen to the Apostle John: 'But you (ie. everyone to whom he's writing) have an anointing from the Holy One.....'(1John 2:20). Everywhere, the NT letter writers assumed that they were dealing with a regenerate church. If they weren't born again, then they weren't in any church- visible or otherwise, whether they attended one or not (1John 2:19).

So, a non-regenerate person at your church is part of what? Your visible assembly?

If you want to know the practice of the early Reformers, the consider Art. XIX of the Church of England. 'The visible (mark that!) Church of Christ is a congregation of faithful men...etc.' Cranmer and Co. knew nothing of an invisible Church. Their intention was to weed out unbelievers by the Confirmation service. They (wrongly) baptized infants but did not count them as church members until Confirmation.

You haven't convinced me we are wrong. Or that christianity was wrong for 1600 years prior.

That there was a remnant in Israel saved by grace is very true; but that was the Old Covenant not the New. In the New Covenant, 'They shall all know Me from the least of them to the greatest of them.'

And there it is again.....only those that know Him.......how does that relate to baptism, since you cannot judge a mans heart? It is by profession, not election and yet you keep making this argument for only baptising those in the true church, which you also admit you cannot know. I am at a loss. Your argument for baptising non-elect people is simply impossible to defend.

God bless,