Hi William,
You said, since baptism of the true covenant is indefensible....'. It certainly is not indefensible; indeed, it is mandated (Matt 28:19). What it is, is unattainable. Yet that is no reason not to seek it. Consider the following:-

1John 2:1. 'My little children, these things I write to you, so that you may not sin.'

Now John himself has just said that sinlessness is impossible (1:8). Yet he still exhorts us not to sin. so since what he says is unattainable, do we give up on it and 'continue in sin so that grace may abound'? 'God forbid!' Says Paul. In just the same way, although a totally pure congregation may be beyond our reach, that is no reason at all not to seek such a thing by baptizing only those who make a credible confession of faith, and by imposing discipline upon those who give reason to think that their conversion was false.

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