I don't really know what you want me to say. Obviously, I don't see 'oikos' the way you do. If you have the book, read Chapter Six of Malone's 'The baptism of Disciples Alone.' Basically, I see no indication that infants are being brought into the New Covenant; indeed, this would go against Jer 31:31ff which very clearly says that everybody in the NC knows the Lord. Therefore it is simply not appropriate to baptize infants.

I think I have said elsewhere that my wife and I were baptized together. She was certainly not baptized on the basis of my faith. God forbid! Had my children been older and had they also confessed faith in Christ at that time, we could have had a family (oikos) baptism. If we'd had a cleaning lady, a gardener and a chauffeur, and they'd heard the Gospel and come to faith at the same time (Acts 16:32), it would have been even better. But what does this prove?


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