Dear Gerry,

Wow!! A lot of discussion has transpired since I was online. I regret that I've not been available to reply to your message earlier. Yesterday was a very busy day for me which included a doctor's visit and a funeral. So now let me try to carry our discussion forward.

Gerry writes:

Could you please answer the question from my prior post to you about the contradictory nature of the two statements. Simply quoting Berkhof's contradictory statements doesn't make them any less contradictory. Nor does assuming "I am having difficulty understanding the issue". What I am saying is this. I disagree with Berkhof’s interpretation.

Let me see if I understand why you think my position and Berkhof's are contradictory. Is it because in your view the covenant doesn't include any unbelievers? If this is true then I understand why it sounds contradictory to you because you view the covenant differently than I do. I see a broader view of covenant being taught in the Scriptures. Your description addresses only those who are the elect of God and denies any covenant which includes others even though it may be temporarily. Have I understood your view correctly and is that what you want me to address?


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