Lastly, and doubtless I could include tomes more, there has been no sufficient answer that has come from the credobaptists re: their adamancy in not baptizing the infants of believers because of their "definition" (significance) of baptism where they maintain that it is "an outward sign of an inward reality". By that definition, EVERYONE who is baptized IS (of necessity MUST BE) saved. Otherwise the definition is senseless. The problem is further compounded as Baptists rightly admit that not everyone who is baptized is saved.
My definition would be that Baptism is symbolic of Christ's sacrificial death for us, and the believer who is baptized is identified with Christ in His burial and resurrection and has resolved to die to self and to live a life as a new Creature in Christ by faith and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Something always puzzles me about these kinds of discussions. Some might think that the Baptists when they baptize professing believers are doing something strange, but the fact is both the paedos and the credos are baptizing professing believers! So what is your definition for baptism that would allow for the baptizing of adult professing believers as well as infants who may or may not be children of the promise?