grace2U said:
If you've answered Gerry's points then I certainly haven't seen it. I assumed that your quotation of Eph 1:18 was your tacit, and rather ungracious, admission of defeat.


Eph 1:18 is my sincere prayer for Gerry and for many others regarding this issue. Though the truth may be, and has been declared, without prayer they will never see the truth of the matter, though they may read the Scriptures themselves. IMHO this is an important side of any issue in Scripture. Thus, this is not a tactic, but a position of earnestness that Gerry and others may understand the Truth of God. Thus, Steve I do not see prayer as an admission of defeat, but an admission that God is sovereign and can change even your and Gerry's hearts.

Now, to your other question I truly am surprised. We have discussed Berkhof (Wes even re-addressed this), we have discussed the visible and invisible Church, we have discussed the 2, but 1, covenant concept of Galatians/Genesis, we have discussed the Continuity in Old and NT, we have discussed Baby Dedications & Continuity, we have discussed 1 Cor 7:12ff, and we have discussed the dual-fold nature of the covenant and the continuity of the covenant of grace, etc. If one understands these then Berkhof’s quotes are understood in light of them. If there is a very specific question we have not answered then please phrase “exactly” what you would like answered.

IMHO though this discussion has gone its limit once again.

Reformed and Always Reforming,