Hi Pilgrim:

Joe, and now you, have accused me of anger and malice. But it hasn't apparently occured to you that you have read this into my words and you are incorrect, which you are.

I harbor no malice toward Joe and I have never even slightly hinted that he must recant his postion and become a baptist in order to be saved. Those are your words not mine, and frankly I find them rather silly, and can't help but wonder who is really guilty of malice here. But I do believe, and will state again, that the CoG is an eternal covenant and I believe it to be so because I interpret the scripture to say so, as I and others have presented here clearly, and I believe it is unequivocal and is so not in "some sense of the word" but in every sense of the word.

As to your comments about not understanding the Credo postion and seeing inconsistency in it, I will just say that your postion is far more inconsistent, and indefensible in my view, and does not do justice to the analogy of the faith, and I have repeatedly pointed out the attempts of Berkhoff to try, albeit weakly, to reconcile that inconsistency. Also, I am just as responsible before the Lord for, and perhaps as capable, as the Lord gives me light, of interpreting the pertinant scriptures as you are, and just because you can't see my postion doesn't automatically make yours correct.

I have in the past admitted my error on this site when I have been convicted by the Lord that that was necessary, something I believe is part of being a true Christian, also laid out clearly in the scriptures, but, curiously, little discussed on the Highway in the year and a half I have been here. In this case I can assure you I have nothing to admit, and would suggest that it is you who have missread my words and falsely accused me of malice and anger.

And finally, by the way, what is it, do you suppose, that makes you feel you have the ability to make such infallible judgements and to, as it were, "pronounce them" before the world without even seriously considering that you might, Joe might, and Wes might, be in error, for I can assure you you are.

As for a cold shower, I can assure you that I had a most wonderful and pleasant day and this whole matter was the last thing on my mind until I visited the site tonight to see all the furor and excitement. Sounds to me like it is others that need that cold shower.

May you have a most pleasant evening and Lords day.

In Him,