grace2U said:
Hi Joe,
Sorry for not replying sooner; I missed your post.
What I would like to see are answers to Gerry's posts of May 6th, 8-16; May 7th 6-17 and May 7th 9-50. It may be that you feel that these have already been answered (and the thread has grown so large and unwieldy that I may have missed it), but I'd be obliged if you'd humour me by dealing with Gerry's points. It does seem to me that he has put his finger on the weakness of the PB covenant structure.

Every blessing,

Please give me the specific questions you desire answered. Begin a separate post for them that way we do not have go through 200 posts to determine what you desire??? Dates like May 6th, 8-16; May Th 6-17 and May 7th 9-50 are no help at all. I am assuming that by 8-16 you mean 8:16 a time, but I see no posts matching with with those times. Thus, please if you have a specific question begin a new thread and ask the question.

Reformed and Always Reforming,