The onus is upon Baptists to show how their "definition" of baptism can be and not be a "sign" of a "reality". It simply doesn't make any sense...

I clarified this misunderstanding quite clearly in my post when I talked about the "High Voltage" signs hung on a power station where there was none at all- i.e. the Howard Stern example. I'm suprised that didn't make sense- it sure does to this anylitical mind.

I would say there is an onus upon you, or any other paedobaptist, to answer the subtle challenge here:

Now you're taking a huge leap, by saying that "High Voltage" signs aren't a sign of the subjective reality of that one particular station having high voltage, but of the objective reality that all real power stations everywhere have high voltage. If this were the case, I could hang a "High Voltage" sign over my bedroom door, or the neighbour's doghouse, and it wouldn't be a problem. Hey, we could hang 'em everywhere- at every street corner! In every restaraunt! It would be awesome, because it would continue to proclaim to everyone the objective reality that all real power stations have high voltage. What would be more wonderful?

And what it does, is makes the signs in front of real power stations mean absolutely nothing anymore.

(Latin phrase goes here.)